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JRT's Global Forum Rules

Post by ScratchCramp on Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:17 pm

Please, read the rules before you posting. We don't want to repeat unnecessarily when it is written here for a reason*

No spamming/off topic
To avoid irritating people, we do not spam or doublepost. Please, edit instead!
And please, do not go off-topic!

No swearing/Misbehaviour
Without this, it results the same as above. We want happy people and no fighting!

- No pornografic/violents picture. This is strictly.
- Avatar size: 65 x 65 (most popular, but this will be modified)
- No copyright picture, unless it is yours with your name on or you've contacted the owner for the rights*

No advertising of your website/forum, please.
This means everywhere official; avatars, posts.
Only in PM.

Unsure if subject exist?
# Are you unsure if there is a subject you are looking for here? Begin to read trough the topics, or you can use the search engine!
If you don't find anything, you are welcome to start a new! Someone will probably give you a link for that subject if you didn't find, and your topic will be placed in basket.

# If you feel uncomfortable about anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. We may not be checking the forum 24/7, but is there a person that bullying, please tell us. Take a screenshot for safety if that person delete the post. Same as PM, we need proof to have a reason to give the member a warning.

Can't Log in?
# Have you forgot your password? Don't worry! We can change your password easily.
Just send me an e-mail and specify your username to: scratchcramp@outlook.com

Only ONE account per member. Do as it is written above, send me an e-mail if you've lost your password.

Many Regards,
ScratchCramp / JR Terrier

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